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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision

To Build up our company as the most competitive supplier for electric power generating equipment.

Corporate Cultural Philosophy

Advance with the times,Pursuing excellence.
Surpass the past, Surpass present, Surpass ourselves.

Corporate goal

DEFC advances with the times.
Compete for the best of the world.
Be the leader of its industry.
Common prosperity with the clients.

DEFC Spirit

Realistic, Hard working

Honest, Practical work, Exploration and innovation, Strive forward ceaselessly.

Business philosophy

We always pursue Customer the first, Shareholders the first, Staff the first, Efficiency the first.

Management concept

Standardized, clear-cut, Efficient.

Service concept

Start with the customers’ requirements, End with the customers’ satisfaction

View on learning

Learning is the motivating force that makes us to progress.

View on Talent

To dedicate yourself to DFEM, To realize your life-long aspiration.
Building a broad stage for everyone .

Staff motto

To be a excellent staff, to produce brand-name products.
To build a good machine means to set up a monument for you.

DFEM corporate culture

Safety Culture:
The core values of safety: There is no second chance for your life.
Safety Mission: Relentless pursuit of genuine safety.

DFEM’s quality culture:
Quality Mission: Customer satisfaction, build dignity.
Quality Code of Conduct: Do it once, do it the best.